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2009-10-25 01:57:14 by cyotecody555

All month I've been working my ass off on new submission "A Pwanchi Halloween 2"

My entry in the Halloween Flash Off :D
Enjoy it please =_=

Original one can be viewed Here
You can now compare 1 years worth of improvements WEE!

But anyways, Now I must start getting to work on Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 4
Will post moar news on it soon ;)


So yes, I have begun work on A Pwanchi Halloween 2
So far I believe it's looking fun, Hopefully all of yous will agree >:C

Also, I am interested in starting design in flash games
Any coders that would like to work with me, PM me or whatever :P

As for Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 4
I am still waiting on lines and in the meantime I am working on Halloween animation
As soon as I receive the lines, I shall get started :D

So anyways, That's about it for now =_=
So yeah.......

Stars.....,Halloween Animation, Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 4,  Looking For Coders To Work With, Stars...., Moar Stars

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 3 Is Out

2009-09-05 23:30:08 by cyotecody555

Yes it is
Unfortunately it wasn't showcased very well and many people may have missed it
Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 3
In case you missed it
enjoy >:C

Now for me, I must be practicing a little more with my shading techniques to sexify my graphics for your viewing needs
Part 4 will be started.......i don't know, soon I shall say
I still have to wait on voices
Don't hurt me D:

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 3 Is Out

Goin' To Raw With Ma Pwanchi Sign!!! :D

2009-08-22 15:08:24 by cyotecody555

Yo my fellow peeps

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 3 is approximately 70% finished, I hope to have it submitted before the month is out. If not, It'll be submitted not long into September for sure

And other news and stuff
Be sure to watch WWE Raw this Monday (or at least the beginning) and see if you can spot our Pwanchi Sign in the crowd
I'm going to be there with my bros in the premium section on the side where the camera faces holding it up various times throughout the show lol

Back Home

2009-07-19 03:17:30 by cyotecody555

I don't believe I ever mentioned that I was going to stay in Washington for the past month. But yeah, I did
And now I am back home and received my very first tablet which is amazingly awesome

I have started drawing up the characters of Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 3
Taking a guess on how long this thing has until submission is about a month
Mainly because that's how long the others took :P
But you never know, could be less or longer, we'll see how it turns out

Not to mention I am still waiting for lines to be sent >:O
You know who you are!!! grrrr

Eh I'm going to wrap this shitty post up
As I have nothing really to give you (Image Wise)
I'll just put a nice big picture of Christopher Redfield on the bottom in his tablet form from part 3
Later =P

Back Home

Pwanchi's Distant Cousin Blongo

2009-06-21 21:58:27 by cyotecody555

Rumors said that Pwanchi has relatives
It is true, His name is Blongo XD
He is a Blue version of his cousin, nose and mouth are different a little of course
Oh yes, and his hair is quite funky =o

As for Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 3, it will be started in a few weeks when I return home and receive my very first tablet =D
I'll be practicing with it as much as I can before I draw up the characters in Tablet form.
I hope you'll enjoy Part 3 bitches! >:C
As for now, i will continue to enjoy my little vacation here in Washington.......State not D.C

I recently updated Pwanchi slightly, He now is more attractive than ever!
Got rid of the damn black outline around him, Blongo is posted below next to Pwanchi as they are very close.

Everyone be nice to Blongo as it's his very first day on Newgrounds >:C
Think of it as your first day of school ^_^

Pwanchi's Distant Cousin Blongo

Yayz, New Shit!

2009-06-07 04:31:55 by cyotecody555

I'm quite happy right now =)
Reasons why :

1) The Zelda Collab has Finally been released, after a year of work :S
My part is a bonus scene so find that damn hidden heart! >:O

2) I'm going to be ordering my very first Wacom Tablet in a few days or so =D Hopefully it'll help me improve my animation skills. Part 3 of RE Pwanchi will be drawn up with it without a doubt =P

3) Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 2 will be submitted hopefully within the next 2 weeks, I'm still waiting on one of the VA to submit their lines so predicting the actual submission date at the moment is foolish =o

4) Annnnnnnd.....I'm looking forward to Splinter Cell Conviction, Left 4 Dead 2 and RE Darkside Chronicles at the end of the year =D
Some more as well but they do not come to mind right now

All of the scenes except 1 and a half of Resident Evil Pwanchi Pt 2 are done, Almost there!
Picture below to make the post seem more fun :P
Poor Forest =(

UPDATE - RE Pwanchi Pt2 will be submitted tomorrow hopefully

Yayz, New Shit!

Phew, That past few days have sucked
As my Laptop's power input broke and has been being fixed the last few days and I only just got it back

Now I can continue the work on Resident Evil Pwanchi, 3/4 of the lines are sent so that means I can work on some of the scenes that are completed (Voice wise)

If you didn't catch Part 1, Watch it here You might as well

Here's a picture to make this post seem cooler
Anyone Recognize this?

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 2 In Progress

Good News

2009-04-23 12:42:10 by cyotecody555

As the title says
Good news everybody
Release date for RE: Pwanchi Part 1 is one week from today, Next Thursday the 30th =D

Originally we were going to release them altogether week by week but we changed our minds and have now decided to bring them out as we finish them, also this Flash may even exceed the original estimate of time duration as it was approx 35 - 45 Minutes in parts, it now may even enter a Part 6 and make it past 50 minutes O.o

Either way no matter how long it is, I'm trying to the best of my ability make sure there were no faults with anything as there were some in the past with sound syncing issues

So Thursday's the day
Woo Hoo, one week hurrah!
First flash submission of 09! Wooz!
Ok I'll stop.............. =P lolz

UPDATE Damn it has just came to my attention that the 30th is in fact Pico Day
Alright change of plans, I will submit this on the 28th of April, two days early

UPDATE Ah screw it, I'll submit it tomorrow morning

UPDATE It is now released! Hope you all enjoy it, thank you to all of the voice actors ;) Looking forward to part 2

Good News

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 1 Started

2009-03-26 19:41:29 by cyotecody555

Work has finally begun!
The Voice Actors have sent in their lines and part 1 is in the works
And hopefully Resident Evil Pwanchi will rock this joint!

Zelda : Wild Ride 4 - A little bit of animation is completed, needs alot more before submission

chainSAW : ????? Trap - Script is finished, No animation started

There is also some more projects that are planned but since I am unsure if they will even be made, I will not release anything yet

Now for some news that is unimportant in every way
I beat Resident Evil 5 last week and very much enjoyed it! =D
Mercenaries anyone?

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 1 Started