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I'm Back Yo

2010-08-26 22:26:32 by cyotecody555

After like 2 and a half months of trying to get reestablished, I finally managed.
I now have internet access at home again :)

Now I can get my ass back to work :D
Just an update, during all of these complicated events the past couple months. I did manage to be abLE to complete around 30 secs of the REP Finale X)

sOrrY To bE TakINg Soo00o LoNGzz D: !

I'm Back Yo

Here it is


I'm goin' to bed

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 5 Released

Good To Be Back

2010-06-13 23:20:59 by cyotecody555

Well it's been done
I am now officially in Australia, Gosford NSW to be exact
Now that all of that shit is done with the moving, I just need to find a place to stay :3
Hope it doesn't take too long -_-'
Australia is da shitz B)

I can now also get back to work on REP5, I'll be glad to finish the damn thing hah.
According to my estimate, I'm over halfway so that's good..... (Nemesis sez stars)

Ugh, If only I had more things to talk about in these posts.......
i don't so ill just end it =_=

Here I give you a picture
Flal lookies! It's Wild Ride Cody! :D

Good To Be Back

Good News Bad News

Good news~
I now I have 4 and a half mins of REP5 done :)
Yes I have been working my ass off -_-
Almost have reached halfway :D
Should be done in a month or two~ (Hopefully)

Bad news~
I'm experiencing issues in the fla.
Issues I'm not entirely sure of how to get rid of or work around.
They involve messages appearing whenever trying to do something so minor such as, going into a different scene, trying to export the flash into a swf.
Notices that say stuff about not enough memory to do so and so
I guess it's because this flash is too big or something. I don't know, was hoping someone here would and could possibly give me some advice on how to fix

My only alternative at this point is splitting the finale up into 2 parts, each being around 6 mins each
Of course this would be only if I were to not be able to fix this problem

I should be out of America in like 2 weeks. Which means I'll be out of work on this for a while -_-'
arghghgh !@WRQGvwEGADSGDGds
(Very Upset)

Here's a screenshot of REP5 to prove I've been working X) lawl
Sorry to keep you all waiting :(

>:c!!!!!!!!!!~!w!!e@! (Angry)

Hello people

I am right now going to leave you this amazing piece of shit news post informing you of my progress in REP5 X) 85 secs in now >:c
Damnn this thing is taking me a while, approximately 10 and a half minutes worth of animation left to complete now. I am hurrying !! D:)
Though I do believe the animation is looking better X) Which is really good, seeing as its required for this episode.
Hope you enjoy the effort i'm putting into this =_=

I am really hoping to get this thing out before I move back to Australia, which be possibly next month........ Oh yes... which I now realize is the first I've told you newgrounders such information XD
Yes I am moving away from the States :D happy fun times indeed

Wow this post really sucks..


REP5 Started And My Trip To Arizona >:3

2010-03-30 01:24:28 by cyotecody555

Since last post,
I have received all of the lines for REP5 and listened to the full audio.
I'm really excited for this episode I tellz ya ;D
I've started on it, gotten around 40 secs complete.
And we're talkin 40 secs out of 12 mins :X
It may be a while, support may motivate me <3

Onto game news~
I'm in the level design process and hopefully should be done with that soon
Then come the enemy design n shit like that XD
Dun know when that'll be released neither <.<

So now some other news
Just yesterday I had traveled to Glendale, Arizona with fellow Pwanchi Production member wwerappin. Reason why was because Ryan was going to Wrestlemania 26.
It was a huge coincidence that good friend Gonzossm lives not far from there.
So I met up with him, twas very epic indeed.

We chatted bout random shit, like Fat secret agent boomers from the future being shooting stars jumping off of buildings on fire

/* */
Rocket Boomers FTW!

We even experienced some singing and dancing waiters in some 50s Restaurant we had stumbled upon LAWL XD
Ah it was a fun night, not including the drive back to Vegas in the early hours of the morning >:c

So ya
Anyone who had watched Wrestlemania may have seen the Pwanchi sign Ryan and I had made last year, though probably not seeing as it would've just looked like a tiny red circle =_=
Ah anyway, you'll have a much better chance on Friday, I'm going to Smackdown tomorrow night and will be like row 6 of premium. I'll be waving Pwanchi around XD
Tune in on Friday B) (and tomorrow night as well)

Here is an epic photo of Gonzo and I inside of the 50s Burger place ;D

REP5 Started And My Trip To Arizona >:3

Birthday It Is.....For Me....It Be

2010-02-26 01:14:49 by cyotecody555

*Gasp* Today is my 18th Birthday
Exciting yes....Amazing I know =_= Wootz
It's going to be a very happy day :)


Lately I've been drawing up stuff for my game.
I have no idea how long it'll be, I seem to be working on it in quite a casual mood, not so much hurrying and rushing it. I guess that can be both good and bad :/
I'll try my best to make it as fun as possible :X
If I fail, don't hurt me D:

REP5 has been prepared with it's audio and it sounds very cool, only thing it's missing is half of the character's lines, will hopefully get them before this month is up
Animating this last part of Resident Evil Pwanchi will be difficult so mind you it may take a while :/ I have no idea how long at the moment -.-
Why it'll take a while is'll see ;D

It seems that I get most of my motivation as soon as I receive all of the lines, put them into their designated order and then listen to the entire animation only in audio
Hopefully when I do get them, I'll be all ":D" and get it done really quick, who knows :/

So yes, my birthday is now :3
And tomorrow will be just as awesome as I'm heading down to LA to go to the Bon Jovi: The Circle Concert in Anaheim B)

kk I'm out
Farewell my homies~

Birthday It Is.....For Me....It Be

Ouch Oh Noez

2010-01-24 17:16:02 by cyotecody555

I have stumbled across a very dark memory of mine inside of the Pwanchi Archives that occurred I'm guessing around 2005-2006
Just a very ridiculous video recording of friend Logweiny and I messing around on a video tape

What was meant to happen in this video below is I was supposed to throw what looks to be a Lego Box over my head and then Logan kick it :S
Just my luck, it goes wrong D:
The container bounces off and can guess the rest :(
Damn you Logan! >:c

/* */
And yes :|
I looked much different then :S

Now onto slightly more important shit ~

I am currently working on a game and it involves enemies from the future D:
That's all I'll say =_=

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 5 will be started whenever I receive the voice actor's lines
Even after I do, I'll probably be doing the game n shit so I'll have to go back and forth animating the two.

Now I leave you with a happy picture from REP5
Until next time my homies :3

Ouch Oh Noez

It's been released

Resident Evil Pwanchi Pt4

Damn, took me like 2 months
Hope you enjoy it

And with that, I must now set up my new computer and get started on Part 5 and Possible game

And oh yes, Bit late but
"Merry Christmas :D"

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 4 Released

Looking For A Coder...........n' Shit....

2009-11-17 23:25:43 by cyotecody555

Sup dudes and dudettes
I am looking for a coder to work with on flash games
Nothing too huge of a game, just simple games
If anybody wants to work with me or whatever, send me a PM (/gewd)

Anyways, onto Flash Movies

I am currently making Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 4 and should be released sometime in December
This part will bring back your friendly neighborhood Nemesis, this time with his Rocket Launcher Equipped.
As he wasn't running about in Part 3 (Probably because of all of those kicks to the balls), He'll now be fully rejuvenated to kick some ass "Stars..."

The models of Part 4 have been improved greatly and should hopefully increase the epic factor in the finale of this Series
I have posted a picture below of Christopher's new model alongside the previous episode's one
You likes? :D

Looking For A Coder...........n' Shit....