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Hey all

Just re-submitted a Minecraft animation, had to fix many things and felt it was released unfinished previously. Now it's the real one :P

Go Watch or some'n

Hopefully you'll enjoy it =_=

Minecraft Flash Bout Griefers

Birthday Today. kthxbai

2011-02-26 02:52:38 by cyotecody555

Yep, it be my annual day in which I celebrate the day I was born 19 years ago.

As far as productions on new projects and series,
I can say that I have started on several.
Though I don't know how long they will take to complete in full :P
Hopefully not long :c
But at least you know :3

Now usually on your birthday you receive gifts. But I feel generous so I'm a gonna give you a present instead :) xD X3

I recently uploaded a file of Resident Evil Pwanchi in full to for iPod/iPhone.
Go Here To Download Dat Shit


Birthday Today. kthxbai

Musician I Needz

2011-02-05 23:53:49 by cyotecody555

Hello Thar fellow people

Pwanchi Productions' got a new series in order but is without production until a Musician is hired who is willing to work for free :P

We'll need a few jingles for transitions between scenes and a catchy little tune for the background music for each mood. Like a happy tune, a sad tune, an angry intense one, you get the picture. They can all be reused throughout the series

Anyone interested? :P!?!?!!?

If so send me a pm :3 !
Aghaggh do it naow! Get to tha choppa! agahh

Musician I Needz

Merry Christmas Y'all

2010-12-24 21:51:26 by cyotecody555

I like Christmas
Christmas is good

Hope everyone enjoys theirs ;)

Here's a Christmas present from Pwanchi Productions.
We made a commentary for REP rofl!

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Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 6 ~Finale~ Has Entered The Portal

2010-11-30 00:25:26 by cyotecody555

It would be really wise of you all to go and check it out :3

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Ight Dudes, I'm off yo
<3 you all (cept Flee, you're a faggot) Roflflorlflrrofllollmaolmamalo

Resident Evil Pwanchi Part 6 ~Finale~ Has Entered The Portal

'Like' Pwanchi Productions On Facebook

2010-11-10 10:24:46 by cyotecody555

Ya dig?

Go Like That Shit xD

OMIGAWD! 35% till next release.
The anticipation is quite exciting. It's so exciting, It has me excited feeling. I like exciting things. The feelings of excite coursing through my veins just prove the point that what's coming soon is very exciting
Boy am I excited

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Superman Baraka Sez "Wooiiyy"

2010-11-03 05:40:30 by cyotecody555


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Poor Jill

Superman Baraka Sez "Wooiiyy"

Griefing is Hilarious

2010-10-19 03:42:55 by cyotecody555

Well sadly enough
A Pwanchi Halloween 3 won't be able to make it out in time for this Halloween due to the length and the time I have to complete the rest of it
I'll have to post pone it I guess <.< (I got little over a 1/3 of it done)

Good thing to come out of this is I'll be able to continue working on the REP6 Finale (which is going along smoothly)

I really don't have anything else really new to tell you peoples so yea I might as well just end this post =_=

<3 MineCraft is funny XD Tho the server hosting sucks >:C

Griefing is Hilarious

Alright listen up gaiz
I've posted all but 2 of my flash animations on YouTube

My Channel :3 Subscribe? :D

Only ones I haven't gotten around to are REP 4 & 5. I'll do them soon -_-'
I'll be posting those on YouTube along with here from now on ;)

It felt weird to be uploading stuff I had done like 2 years ago.
But also made me realize how much fun they were to make.
I noticed that none of them are officially concluded, such as the Splinter Cell Parodies, The Zelda Wild Ride story blah blah blahhh.

Logweiny and I have been talking over the possible chance of concluding Wild Ride, which would be quite interesting XD

Also expect a final Splinter Cell from us :)

wwerappin and I have also talked over a short original little movie to be made whenever I have the chance. More news on that when it gets closer to completion ;) (Same with Splinter Cell and Wild Ride)

~ Now to what I've been busy with lately ~
Well unfortunately enough, REP6 is currently being held back a bit as I'm having to work on Pwanchi Halloween sequel "A Pwanchi Halloween 3".
Shockingly enough, this single standing animation plays for approximately 15 mins.....
Like holy shit.. I'm only 2 mins in >:c

I sure hope I can manage to get this thing released in time for Halloween -.-
Look here's a screenshot
Give me presents

All My Animations Available On YouTube & Some Future Projects To Be Made

Pwanchi Evil Resident Is Now On TubeYou.. Holy Freakin' BallsShit...

2010-09-10 13:07:20 by cyotecody555

As the Subject strangely states, Resident Evil Pwanchi is now being uploaded onto YouTube.
Actually technically speaking, it's already been uploaded for the past year or so.
Not by me =_=
Some other dudes who thought it would be funny to upload my stuff without permission >:c
Failures they are indeed

Ya see, my uploads of REP Episodes are 500,000,001% better than theirs because it's the OFFICIAL FILES from the Pwanchi Production Archive i.e my computer xD (And they're in HD :3)

So far I have released Parts 1 & 2 and am releasing Part 3 on Wednesday. I've been making it into a pattern, 1 release once a week and by the time the week Part 6 should be released, God hope I'll be done with it and you guys can watch it right then and there :D

4 Weeks that gives me -_- let's hope I can beat my deadline D:!!!!

Critical Update!!

I've completed exactly 1 min :3 ~ 1 min out of 7 and a half. Isn't that AWWWsum?!! =_=

Here check out what you've already seen ;)

/* */

/* */
Now you can view them on the Tube of Youness Hurray n stuff

Ok it's late here == 3:07am :3 I should be heading to bed soon.
I'll continue work for you in the morning :)

Night homies ;D