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Freakin' Negro

2011-12-01 17:51:01 by cyotecody555

That's right, I went there

And you'd be retarded not to watch it >:c

Resident Evil Code: Pwanchi Part 2 Is Available...


2011-09-18 18:42:10 by cyotecody555

This is amazing!
I got this really amazin' fanart from some dude named GuitarMasterx7

The resemblance is uncanny!

Thanks GuitarDude !! :D:D


New Series Yea

PWANCHI BURGER Episode 1 - Go Watch (Hopefully Enjoy)

And that's about it >:c

Yeah I'm still breathin'

Still Working On Pwanchi Burger Yea

Hey yo

I'm hosting some auditions for a character in a new series the guys and I have prepared to make based on Pwanchi Burger.

Info Page Here

Also if any of you would like to provide some background music for it, that would be great.
It really needs it c:

Just let me know
Good Luck and thank you

Voice Auditions For Pwanchi Burger Series

Ya heard me

Resident Evil Code: Pwanchi is finished and is now sitting in the flash portal all cozy n such X3

Go check it out :)

Resident Evil Code: Pwanchi Begins! Go Watch!

So ya in 10 hours, I am flying out of Australia to Hawaii. There I'll spend another 8 hours in the airport after the previous 10 hour flight (I might leave the airport I dunno). Then I am flying to Washington (State, little north of Seattle) to stay for a couple months before returning to Las Vegas.

In the meantime I post to you another screenshot for Resident Evil Code: Pwanchi
I'll hopefully finish that up for you guys in the next couple weeks ;)

My Plane Flies Out In 10 Hours...

Audition for a Zombie in Resident Evil Code: Pwanchi

2011-04-11 22:55:10 by cyotecody555

Hey everybody,

I'm using this space for the topic of auditioning for a Zombie in Resident Evil Code: Pwanchi.
Now anybody can audition at anytime during production of the series.

Just send in whatever you feel like, can be a funny sounding or serious (Though talking zombies aren't really an option anymore).

If you're lucky, you may just get in :P
Mixed together with alot of other people who's sent in their auds.

Thanks and good luck!

Email them to

Audition for a Zombie in Resident Evil Code: Pwanchi

You Wanted More?

2011-03-22 06:01:24 by cyotecody555

We'll give you more.

You Wanted More?