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Woo! It's My Birthday!!!!!

2009-02-26 02:34:02 by cyotecody555

Which means I am now 17 :P Woo! Fun number!
So yeah that's quite fun

Just thought I'd point out that I will be contributing to The Zelda Collab ran by mechanixut. It'll be my first involvement in a collab so wee I'm awesome =D

News I can give is that unfortunately no progress has been made in Resident Evil Pwanchi because I am still awaiting the lines =(
Hopefully it won't be too much longer cus I hate waiting and stuff XD

Yeah I might as well show you a screen shot of what's been done so far
Here it is

It is Barry Burton inside of the S.T.A.R.S Helicopter

Woo! It's My Birthday!!!!!

Resident Evil: Pwanchi Update

2009-02-11 03:33:16 by cyotecody555

Okay our voice actors have been chosen
Except for Rebecca Chambers.......I'd really appreciate it if some of you could try out for her :)
Like PM or something telling me you're interested or easier, just send some auds to me from here

Anyways, Not much has been done apart from some character models and a few backgrounds
The real animation work will begin as soon as I receive all of the lines which hopefully will be in a few days at least

As for other stuff
Zelda: Wild Ride 4 will be continued soon as I will most likely need breaks from animating our 35-45 min Resident Evil Parody

Good God I'll have to work my ass off :O (Runs off and cries in the corner like a little girl) =D lol

Resident Evil: Pwanchi Update

Resident Evil Parody And Other News

2008-12-28 21:01:55 by cyotecody555

Well, 2009 is coming up in a few days, Happy =D

News I can give for future stuff is we will be parodying more stuff, continuing on previous series and hopefully think up some more original ideas :P

We are going to make another Splinter Cell flash and possibly the last, depends.........
Not sure when that'll start work

chainSAW flashes, it'll return whenever we can come up with a trap that beats the Bowling Ball Trap. We'll have to come up with a better twist too :O (Crys)

As for Zelda: Wild Ride 4, we will be continuing that.....eventually.........I kinda started it but have stopped....will continue soon

What we've really planned out for now is a parody of Resident Evil 1
It'll be'll most likely add up to 5 different parts/flashes
Which just guessing may add up to 40 - 50 minutes altogether
We are searching for voice actors that sound just like the characters involved, if any of yous out there want to find out more about it and audition yourself Click Here
I've really begun working on the character's drawings, which can be very hard >_<
But I'll make it work.
In this parody we're including all of the characters in RE Remake including Nemesis
Why include Nemesis? well......might as well =D

yeah so stay tuned will ya, stayed tuned for a long time, this may take a few months.................. :O

Resident Evil Parody And Other News

Christmas Flash Started

2008-11-29 04:21:55 by cyotecody555

Alright, chainSAW: Bowling Ball Trap turned out very nice.
The sync worked and there's going to be no more problems with syncing issues =D Unfortunately I find that the Bowling Ball Trap was overlooked because of the many great submissions that day :(
As for future chainSAW flashes, we do not plan on making anymore for this year, Chainsaw will return next year :D

Now let me just say that we have begun our Christmas Flash and it should turn out quite funny
We had no ideas so I thought up some random little flash that should be pretty cool
Our X-Mas flash with include every character we have done!
Well not every character, only the main ones such as Chainsaw, Fisher, Lambert, Cody, Logan etc. and what they'll be doing?
They will sing Christmas carols :D with some words changed to fit their personality
Some may think that this idea is lame but it's like our 1 year anniversary =D
All the characters we made in our first year of animating and such

Here is a pic of Chainsaw and Billy from the flash

Oh yeah didn't I say Chainsaw wouldn't be returning till next year???
Oh well screw it lol

Christmas Flash Started

Ok yes!
I know how to fix the damn problem with everything being off sync and there should be no more problems in that area, thank god

Anyways I have started work on two flashes at the same time and I seem to work on whatever I feel like. The flashes are Zelda: Wild Ride 4, and the next Saw

The next Saw should be better than the others mostly because the Trap is a little more serious but is still funny at the same time, I have changed Chainsaw's skin color a little lighter than it was before because of the people that viewed Jello Trap and thought he was black
Hopefully you won't think so this time :P

Zelda: Wild Ride 4 should be good too................and yeah.........

Logan (Logweiny) has finished the script of a new series we'll start whenever but we haven't got a name yet :S
We'll have to do some thinking

And oh yeah, We do plan to make a 3rd Splinter Cell at some point.

Yeah lots of new shit
By the way, we changed the name of the Saw flashes to chainSAW to make it a little more original name, so yeah that's pretty fun
If anyone wants any clues to the next Saw or questions about anything, you know what to do XD

New Series, New Saw, New Wild Ride, Quite Frankly Alot Of New Shit XD

Hahaha Happy Halloween everybody
My Bro and I decided to carve out the Pwanchi face into a pumpkin
It turned out quite well I'd say :P
(Cody - Left) (Ryan - Right)

Happy Halloween From Pwanchi Productions

Zelda: Wild Ride 4

2008-10-19 04:30:48 by cyotecody555

Well We've started it and we're changing our artwork slightly
Here's a picture

Zelda: Wild Ride 4

The 3rd Saw

2008-10-11 18:25:23 by cyotecody555

Hey everybody
Pwanchi Productions is going to start the 3rd and possibly the last Saw flash
Depends on popular demand

The 3rd Saw


2008-10-05 21:30:02 by cyotecody555

Check it out, it's our entry for the Halloween Contest

A Pwanchi Halloween


New Splinter Cell Flash Announced

2008-09-23 00:55:54 by cyotecody555

Pwanchi Productions is starting a new Splinter Cell flash.
Stay Tuned

New Splinter Cell Flash Announced